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It all starts with a brief, the instruction manual that tells me everything I need

to know about you. This would usually include facts such as: background/

overview, objectives, target audience, unique selling point (USP), message & tone, schedules & deadlines, budget and any references to help inform the shape of your animation.



With your input and objectives supported by the brief, we can move forward to develop a script. I will collaborate with you to help make a script suitable for animation. If this involves co-writing or amending to fit in with the pace of the video, you will still get final sign off at the end.



From what I have gathered from both the brief and script, I will design a set of style frames for you to critique. This is the first time you will see elements of your animation take shape.

4. Storyboard.png
5. Sound.png
6. Animation.png



Only when the script and style frames are signed off will I then move onto creating a storyboard. Here is where each individual frame is designed and matched up with the script.

Sound & Voice over

You will be given an option to select a voice over artist and music track from a hand-selected library, perfect for the tone of your video.


This is where your idea comes to life. All the illustrations and assets are finalised and developed into a moving video. At this stage I will add a sample voice over and a demo of your chosen music track to guide the visuals more fluently.

7. Final Edit.png
8. Deliver.png

Final Edit


When you are completely happy with the flow of your animation, I will purchase the final music and voice over tracks and place these into the edit.


Any extra sound effects can be added to the mix at this stage too.



Your video will be exported to your specifications and delivered to you digitally.


And we're done -

Enjoy your animation!

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