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nice words from nice people

Thank you for being so flexible with changes, deadlines,

and working days to deliver the end result

We’ve had lots of positive comments from the client both on the quality of the work

and the process of getting it done.

I think you did a great job of breaking down the individual stages of animation to make sure it

all makes sense to someone who doesn’t understand animation.


I’m really happy with the finished videos. I think they fit the brief really well and are full

of smart details and finishing touches, which really bring the visuals to life. 

I liked how you brought your own personality and ideas to the animation too, it’s a lot more enjoyable

(and preferable) to work with people like you, who can bring something different to the table.


Awesome job! Thank you!


Mike Ritchie

Creative Director

at Campuslife

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Rosy is a highly motivated individual with a true Northern work ethic.

Our company benefitted from her creative problem solving to deliver the highest quality

motion design outputs in a collaborative approach for our clients.


Her friendly nature, good humour and drive for high quality meant working under stressful

tight deadlines were both enjoyable and achievable. Her understanding and delivery of

a brief is realistic around budgets and knowledgeable to create the best possible

end product with this in mind. 


This is why our team at Matter&Co kept Rosy on the books as a regular freelancer. 

An absolute dream to work with and I can not recommend her highly enough.


Fiona Stuart-Clark

VFX Production Coordinator

at Framestore

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Rosy's energy and passion

is infectious to everyone she works with, clients and peers alike.

It is a pleasure to work alongside someone who has such an active imagination that is

channeled into everything she produces. She ensures she takes the time to understand the

client's objective. She isn't afraid to challenge ideas that may prohibit the final outcome

and offer a fresh angle to any given project.


Time and time again, she demonstrates a real in-depth understanding of client's ambitions, 

creating content that not only runs parallel to their current marketing strategy, but exceeds

expectation. With such a level of understanding, the entire production process

is a breeze with Rosy, with clients extremely happy with the work she

produces without the need for countless revisions.


Rosy also has a very polite, friendly, and patient nature. This entwined with her

natural creative flare makes her an exemplary talent within the industry.


Phil Ballaam

Studio Manager

at Feature Media

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I worked with Rosy throughout 2018 in my role as Producer at a creative agency in Leeds.


Rosy was an absolute dream to work with right from the start,


always brimming with creative ideas and concepts, combined with a genuine

desire to meet the client's objectives on every brief she encountered.


Rosy is able to hit the ground running and would add significant flair, and value

to any brief and project she is given.


Highly organised, calm, professional and capable of managing numerous

projects simultaneously all whilst keeping strong relationships

with her colleagues and clients alike.


I would have no hesitation in recommending

Rosy, she is hugely talented with a work ethic to match.


Shirley hopkinson

Delivery Manager


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