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Animation is a powerful platform to convey meaning, emotion, promotion and so much more.

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Animation - 



Do you want to advertise your product or explain your brand but there is so much information to get across on your website? Are you looking for a way to quickly get people interested?

Animations are powerful outlets for consolidating that information into

clear and concise communication that will hand on heart keep viewers looking at your content for longer. 


I have established an 8 step

process that will show you

how I will work with you, get to understand your brand and produce something that is completely catered to your vision. 

Click here foR the Process

Move -

that logo


So you have a slick looking logo for your brand but want to go that step further? 

Animated logos are great for giving them a bit more attraction and can be used across your social media channels and video content.

They can be exported as GIFs to place on your website too!

Keep -

it sociaL


It’s all about keeping up to date with social media channels these days or people will forget you exist - tough love, I know. But it’s okay because I want to create that fresh content your brand deserves.


From animated GIFs to promote International flipflop day (third Friday in June, I checked) to updating the world that you are hiring new staff, any campaign is great in this format.

Plus, they are small files that can run

on just about anything.

I find personally that they work great for blog pages if you want to grab your viewers attention straight away.

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